Atlanta Photo Workshops with Dean Stevenson

Welcome to Atlanta's unique photography school that offers a wide variety of popular classes and workshops. Our photography based lessons are are divided into 5 week classes, 1 day workshops, groups classes and individual instruction. Come and join us for class!


Basic Digital Photogrpahy - 5 Week Class - Atlanta, GA

Basic Digital Photography Class

Whether you've just bought your digital camera and haven't even taken it out of the box, or are simply stuck in the auto modes and want something more, this is the class for you. This class lays the necessary foundation for taking better pictures.

Advanced Digital Photogrpahy - 5 Week Class - Atlanta, GA

Advanced Digital Photography Class

You've got the basics of digital photography down and you're starting to feel dangerous. Good! That means you're ready for this challenging and fun class that will push your photography further. If you're starting to feel comfortable with apertures and shutter speeds, this is the class you need.

Photographic Composition - 5 Week Class - Atlanta, GA

Creative Composition Class

Have you ever wondered why some photographs leave a lasting impression while others, well, not so much? What does it take to be certain you're about to capture a great image? Find out what it's all about in this highly creative, informative, and fun class.


Basic Digital Photography - 1 Day Workshop - Atlanta, GA

Basic Digital Photography Workshop

This one-day version of the 5 week class will help you ease your way out of the auto modes and into greater understanding and control of your digital cameras most important features and functions. The perfect class if you've just bought a digital camera or are thinking about making the jump.

Basic Digital Photography - 1 Day Workshop - Atlanta, GA

The 5 Elements of a Great Image and The Rules of Composition

Learn the 5 characteristics of every great image and the Rules of Composition in this one-day version of the 5 week class. Afterwards, take a stroll with Dean to learn how to apply these concepts in real life.

The Basics of Flash Photography - 1 Day Workshop - Atlanta, GA

The Basics of Flash Photography

Flash photography can be quite intimidating and really is an entity all it's own. Not to worry though with this intro to Flash one-day hands-on workshop that will help you relax and fire at will. Only this time, you'll have greater control over the results.

Adobe Lightroom® 5 Workflow & Shooting Raw - 1 Day Workshop - Atlanta, GA

Adobe Lightroom® 5 Workflow & Shooting Raw

Just as Ansel Adams used the darkroom to complete his vision, similarly,today's photographers use the digital darkroom to complete theirs. Discover your true vision with this in-depth look at organizing and processing your images with Adobe Lightroom® 5.

Special Event Meetups with Atlanta Photo Workshops - Atlanta, GA

Special Event Meetups with Atlanta Photo Workshops

How about some Rooftop Night Shooting, Braves Fireworks, & Critique? You've never seen the city like this! See Atlanta from a whole new perspective.


Photographing the Night - 1 Night Workshop - Atlanta, GA

Photographing the Night

See light in a whole new, well...light, at night. There is light in the dark and it can totally change your outlook on photography. For something completely fun and rewarding, check this class out.

Advanced Night Photography - 2 Day Workshop - Atlanta, GA

Advanced Night Photography

Painting with light at night is often done with flashlights, fire, or keychain laser lights. Wouldn't it be cool if you could light up the night with the quality and brightness of studio lighting? Well, now you can. Take photographing at night to a whole new level with the techniques taught in this unique and creative class.


One-On-One Instruction - Personal Teaching - Atlanta, GA

One-On-One Instruction

Is there a specific area of photography you need help with? Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for a full class? One-on-one personal photography instruction is a great way to continue your photographic endeavor while customizing it around your schedule and locale.

Group Seminars - Personal Teaching - Atlanta, GA

Seminars for Groups

Your employees have worked hard all year. They deserve a break. Why not give them the opportunity to be creative? How about a seminar on how to take better pictures? You know they have cameras ...they'll love you forever.