The Basics of Flash Photography
1 Day Workshop

Flash! Ah Ha!

Flash still in the box and wondering what to do? Or, maybe you have some experience but haven't gotten the results you've wanted? No problem, as this class was designed with you in mind. Whether using a pop-up or Dedicated Hot-Shoe flash (recommended), basic flash features and techniques will be discussed for better results both in and outdoors. Lunch and a trip to the roof-top overlooking the Atlanta skyline for hands-on practice are included.

Note: Box lunch is included, but you are welcome to bring your own.

We'll Discuss:

• Getting familiar with your flash: Features & Controls
• Basic Flash Accessories
• Exposure Modes and your Flash
• Flash Modes
• Working with your flash inside and out (Main & Fill)
• Hands-on guidance

Whichever flash you own, this class will help you understand the unique features available to you. Flash can help enhance a photo otherwise not possible. Learn how to start taking control of your flash and all it's creative options.

What to Bring:

• Your DSLR camera*
• Flash and camera manual
• Fresh batteries
• Any flash accessories that you own
• Students will be given a class booklet for taking notes

*This class is for Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) users only.

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