Atlanta Photo Workshops with Dean Stevenson

Welcome to Atlanta's personal photography school with workshops, classes and personal teaching taught by professional photographer Dean Stevenson!

The Atlanta Photo Workshops studio & photography school was developed by professional photographer & instructor Dean Stevenson.

Exciting Space

The school is located in the Mattress Factory Lofts artists community near Historic Oakland Cemetery. The Lofts, built in 1890, are still comprised of the original materials such as big iron windows, exposed concrete, and interesting textures & colors. 1700 sq. ft. of space and 20 ft. high ceilings make it the perfect environment to inspire learning as we study the creative art of photography. The school also offers separate hardwood floor studio space as well as Wi-Fi and a digital darkroom equipped with four workstations. Two Macs & a PC are available as well as Epson printers to give it a modern touch.

About the Teacher

All the classes taught by Dean will be displayed digitally on a 40" LCD screen. In addition, for most classes, students will receive high-quality color class manuals that follow the digital presentations. It is the mission of the school to provide a fun, comfortable setting for each student while receiving top-notch digital photography instruction that will truly make you a great photographer! Hope to see you in school.